Business Challenge

The rapid advance of multi-functional personal computing devices such as smart phones and tablets have blurred the lines between consumer IT and enterprise IT. Personal preferences have spilled over to the enterprise – what was once a trend with top management has now percolated down to the average knowledge worker. Company issued and owned devices fail to satisfy the demands of today’s workforce. In the interests of personal productivity and satisfaction, many organizations have allowed such devices to proliferate within the enterprise. How can IT still deliver a standardized desktop experience that will support corporate IT workload and applications, without compromising on control?

On another side, desktop refreshes impose a huge cost, both in terms of effort and money, and also impact the environment, as millions of used computer parts find their way into landfills. The need to maintain a homogenous desktop environment across the enterprise has spawned a large number of management solutions, but the situation is far from perfect. High costs of routine maintenance and management mean that more than 80% of IT budgets go towards keeping the lights on. Desktop virtualization can be a panacea for these problems, and transform the way IT is traditionally delivered and managed.

How Quadra can help

Our multi-platform, multi-vendor experience, along with a robust knowledge of business applications and enterprise workloads mean that we are uniquely poised to understand how your organization can benefit from the virtualized delivery of desktops, application and data to end users. This knowledge, spanning workloads and infrastructure helps us to deliver a successful deployment that has your business needs in mind, instead of taking a siloed approach. We provide a long term framework, right from assessment and planning, to design and implementation, optimization as well as providing services around management, maintenance and ongoing support.

We help you to :
  • Increase employee productivity with virtual work styles – regardless of device form factor or location.
  • Respond rapidly to changing business needs with fast and flexible desktop and application delivery.
  • Liberate your organization from the pains of traditional desktop management and investments.

Cloudification of IT – the hybrid model

Business Challenge

Over the past few years, one thing has become certain: the cloud is here to stay. This nascent technology has seen rapid, multiple waves of innovation and big bets, and vendors are trying to outdo each other in convincing customers on their vision of what an IT cloud should be. The lack of a unified view extends to the other side as well: a recent survey pointed out that only 16% of customers had a well-defined cloud strategy.

However, certain broad contours are emerging. The hybrid cloud model seems to present the best balance of security, data integrity and reliability. In the absence of an established and trusted cloud broker, internal IT has to fulfill the roles of integrating several clouds that could be across public providers, as well as internal private cloud deployments.

While today, most applications on the cloud are commodity applications such as messaging, collaboration, CRM and HR applications, the momentum on adoption and usage is growing exponentially and we will gradually see core applications and multiple interfaces being deployed on the cloud. As the shift from peripheral to core applications takes place, enterprises need to deploy a scalable hybrid cloud infrastructure that will accommodate growing demands without compromising business agendas and priorities.

How Quadra can help

As an organization, we have built deep experience across both private and public cloud deployments, and have been early adopters of the cloud for our own internal applications. Our vendor agnostic, multi-platform approach, together with proven skills and certifications from major cloud vendors means that we are uniquely poised to provide you a holistic and balanced perspective on building a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

We also bring to the table skills on federated identity management, partnerships with cloud integration providers, along with tried and trusted management and deployment capabilities that are critical in establishing a hybrid infrastructure

We can help you plan and prioritize your cloud adoption by helping you formulate well defined business objectives, along with a business and risk analysis that takes into account multiple dimensions such as long term cost savings; data criticality, security and privacy concerns; audit and assurance; and regulatory norms, right down to service provider agreement review.

Efficient management for exploding data volumes

Business Challenge

The database has always been the heart of the enterprise, and data management as a business need is only slated to grow in importance and scale. Unstructured data aside, as applications old and new churn out tremendous amounts of data, the need for increasingly powerful and scalable structured data management systems is being felt like never before. This explosion of data and the growing dependency on digital information has set off a trend of ever increasing, complex data storage environments. The ability to make intelligent decisions from data is more often than not the difference between success and failure.

Traditional monolithic databases have given way to new approaches and technologies– concepts such as data governance, data warehousing, MDM and business rules, coupled with cloud based data storage and analytics are rapidly taking hold. On the other hand, stringent government regulations on privacy and consumer protection are upping the ante for data management processes and systems.

Today, data management and analytics are having an impact across verticals, and across departments within an organization. Leaders want pre-emptive decision making, rather than reacting to unanticipated problems or failures later.

How Quadra can help

With several man-years of experience and a talented, skilled work force, Quadra is well poised to deliver on your data management needs. Multi-platform expertise together with skills on relevant and related technologies such as storage, cloud, analytics, big data and virtualization mean that we have the capability to provide an inclusive approach.

By being ahead of the curve with our offerings and abilities, we can help your organization to:

  • Drive business insights and enable collaborative decision making with an agile, scalable information management strategy.
  • Integrate and manage enterprise data along with unstructured data.
  • Use visualization to improve productivity.
  • Maximize availability and improve performance and utilization while reducing database server and storage costs with consolidation on to private clouds.
  • Develop an integrated, comprehensive data protection plan.

Empowering the next-gen workforce with UC

Business Challenge

More than two-thirds of enterprises are today evaluating or implementing Unified Communications (UC) in some shape or form. However, this fragmented approach has also been the reason why UC has never really lived up to its game changing reputation. Many organizations possess the various components from multiple vendors. However, the lack of an integrated UC framework means that integration, usability and interoperability issues have come in the way of realizing the grand vision of uber-connectivity.

Across the enterprise, proliferation of personal computing devices such as smart phones and tablets have caused a fundamental rethink in how LoB applications need to be deployed, and UC is no exception to this. The need for control and granular access to business information necessitates that mobile devices also need to be part of the UC infrastructure. Today's competitive marketplace demands a high level of agility and attention to customer requirements. Exceeding customer and partner expectations, while at the same time optimizing on costs and resources – this is exactly where unified communications can play a pivotal role.

How Quadra can help

We are focused on helping your business to realize the benefits of an integrated communication infrastructure with a long term roadmap that is aligned to business needs and challenges. Our comprehensive platform expertise means that we can draw upon our skills not just in UC, but also virtualization, cloud, social software and device management to provide a well-rounded deployment framework. This enables us to build a blue print for long term transformation that is closely aligned with your business needs. Our services and product offerings span the gamut, from proprietary systems to open source solutions, thereby helping you to identify a best of breed, integrated solution that matches your budget and needs.

With our deep experience in infrastructure solutions and services, we can help you to mitigate risk, optimize costs and plan for a rapid roll out. Our end to end offerings, spanning assessment, design, integration and maintenance, right down to end user enablement ensures that you remain focused on your core business. We also ensure that our consulting relationship does not end with deployment, but provide supporting services that ensure a clear and consistent RoI on your UC investment.

Driving efficiencies with sustainable IT

Business Challenge

Sustainable IT is not just good CSR, it also makes for excellent business sense, as well-managed sustainable initiatives can increase efficiencies and lower operating costs. Often, there are intangible, yet significant benefits that such initiatives yield, for example in terms of better employee retention and recruitment, as well as a positive and progressive image in the minds of customers and business partners. Frequently, the quest for sustainable IT makes for new opportunities to save costs and eliminate redundancies. With the cost of running datacenters and IT infrastructure exceeding the cost of acquisition, it makes for a very sound business case to adopt sustainable IT practices.

There are documented case studies on “green” organizations which are driving greater efficiencies, more growth and business opportunities. Sustainable IT today needs to move beyond the first adopters and become a mainstream phenomenon, one that management and stakeholders are increasingly demanding.

How Quadra can help

Green, or sustainable IT is not a standalone strategy or set of tools and processes. It involves a fundamental rethink in the way IT is planned, deployed and managed throughout the lifecycle. A well thought out sustainable IT roadmap for an organization is one that integrates your business priorities and infrastructure strategy while at the same time focusing on maintainability and technology advancement. efficiency in business processes and operations naturally lends itself to a green agenda, and it is in this regard that IT has a vital role to play. The optimization of IT in itself would be another agenda.

Our core competency in infrastructure assessment, management and services ensures that we are in the best position to help you align your infrastructure strategy with business and environmental goals. With established capabilities on virtualization and cloud, we can help optimize usage of IT resources. This is significant, as research points out that IT consumes more than 50% of the energy costs in a typical organization.

Such savings make a direct and positive impact on your organization’s bottom-line. Thus, we can enable you create customer, business and societal value while reducing infrastructure complexity and keeping costs under control.

Platform Modernization and Transformation

Business Challenge

According to Deloitte, the traditional, silo driven IT infrastructure, built on an inside-out model is undergoing a fundamental shift. Increasing demands for flexibility and agility mean that organizations need to be able to leverage outside capabilities even more than ever. Thus the traditional IT infrastructure, based on ‘need to own’ is giving way to a ‘need to share’ solution architecture. This means that data and systems be encapsulated for outside consumption. Outside-in, and not inside-out is becoming the standard.

Platform modernization and transformation offers the greatest scope for helping an organization achieve business agility, as well as for cost reduction and efficiencies. IT platforms needs to be scalable and flexible to accommodate business continuity plans, as well as support compliance and regulatory demands, both current and future. The future lies in adopting a service based strategy to serve internal and external demands.

How Quadra can help

Infrastructure strategy and assessment is one of Quadra's core competencies, and we have won several international accolades for our expertise in technology delivery and innovation. Building on the outside-in architecture, we help you to manage, co-ordinate and orchestrate internal and external services, while defining and implementing uniform policies. The simplistic PC-server era is giving way to intelligent devices in a variety of form factors, all of which need to be managed efficiently. Data today resides across multiple platforms, devices and across private and public clouds. Orchestration and management is essential to derive the best out of the technology advances, while not compromising on personal productivity or organizational policies and compliance.

We believe that by reducing complexity, we free up effort and resources that can be better focused on core business initiatives. A modern IT platform needs to be service based, with the ability to manage identities across internal and external domains, as well as provision and orchestrate, together with the capability to meter and mediate. By leveraging our multi-platform expertise along with remote and onsite delivery capabilities, right from review, design and implementation to management and maintenance, we can help you to cut complexity, achieve operational excellence and optimize costs.

Enterprise Information Security and Compliance

Business Challenge

The rapidly changing IT infrastructure landscape is posing newer and more potent challenges for organizations worldwide as they grapple with the ramifications of a hyper connected world. The past year has seen several instances where private information has been compromised, and each incident has affected millions of users. Trends such as mobility, roaming users, increasing usage of temporary staff, outsourcing, remote locations, social media and cloud computing are changing the traditional approach to security and compliance. Malware is becoming more intelligent, widespread and difficult to detect. Cyber-attacks are getting more organized, sophisticated and increasingly difficult to predict, prevent and even detect. Today, there is a sharp focus on going beyond protection and compliance to pattern analysis, which can help in identifying latent threats, especially data loss and leakage scenarios. Agility is the key word today for an organization when it comes to security countermeasures – one cannot wait for flaws to be discovered and systems to be patched. Processes and policies need to be put into place to prevent breaches from happening, and also to minimize liability in the event of breach of sensitive information. User education is one of the single most important steps that an organization can take to ensure the security of its information and data.

How Quadra can help

We take a different approach to security. Point solutions only go half the way when it comes to securing an organization's data. Our all-round approach to information security, consisting of processes, people and infrastructure along with continual review and monitoring helps you to achieve the highest possible levels of information security and compliance. Based on industry standards and best practices, our approach to securing digital information in an organization spans across.

  • Assessing business risk and exposure
  • Implementing policies & structure
  • Defining IT practices & procedures and
  • Continuous  review and improvement

Quadra can help you to create progressive policies that encompass anti-malware, acceptable use policies, employee processes, procedures and data loss prevention that are designed to help ensure regulatory compliance. We can work directly with your management and employees to create and implement relevant, flexible, user- friendly policies that can be practiced and enforced at all levels of the organization.

Secure, intelligent enterprise with Microsoft 365

Social Collaboration for Business

Business Challenge

Today, business models are changing as fast as companies can innovate. The empowered customer is connected and informed. Gen Y employees are not content with traditional collaboration tools such as email. Starting as a technology that enabled individuals to share and connect with people important to them, social media has today found two major areas of application within the enterprise: One, it has opened new vistas in enabling businesses to engage intimately with their customers. Two, it has enabled knowledge workers in an enterprise to ideate better, collaborate in real time and speed up decision making. Social collaboration is rapidly redefining the way people and businesses communicate. Today, social media is an integral part of any organization's communication strategy, evident by the rapidly increasing trends of CxOs communicating with the public and employees through various social media forum. The focus is on thus on two fronts: internal; where organizations leverage social media such as wikis, blogs and corporate social networks to encourage and improve employee interaction. Within an organization, social computing can drive innovation and creativity. The other is external, where organizations harness the power of social computing to foster brand value and boost customer satisfaction.

How Quadra can help

Our experience and expertise in working with portals and content management systems can help your organization leverage the extremely powerful capabilities of this medium in the most effective and risk free manner. We have expertise on major enterprise social collaboration tools, and help you to evaluate options, decide on a platform and technology, and devise the most effective way to harness this medium. By increasing knowledge sharing and leveraging experts across an organization, regardless of location, we can help you to innovate rapidly, speed up decision making and achieve your business goals. When it comes to interfacing with the external world, our 360 degree services help you in technology evaluation, media monitoring, market research, competition analysis, while ensuring that it is in tune with your business objectives and corporate culture.

With a cohesive and comprehensive social computing strategy in place, we can help you to drive bottom up innovation, business agility and customer satisfaction by enabling real time feedback from your employees, customers and partners.

Big Data and Analytics

Business Challenge

Today, enterprises are facing a deluge of data, but a distinct lack of information and intelligent application. Various applications and workloads generate petabytes of data every day, and this is increasing rapidly by the hour. Thus, what used to be enterprise application generated data alone a few years back has expanded in size and scope – it also includes machine generated data along with social data, and is today addressed by the term ‘big data’. This rapidly expanding ocean of data, characterized by three V’s – Volume, Velocity and Variety, requires a whole new outlook to sift, analyze and infer meaningful results.

Analytics has today evolved from a business initiative to a business imperative. Accordingly to a study conducted by MIT, nearly two thirds of organizations now realize a competitive advantage from the use of information and analytics. This is especially visible in consumer facing organizations. According to the researchers, another key finding was that it is 3.6X more likely that such an organization is substantially outperforming its competitive peers. The need for analytics cuts across verticals, and is today expanding in size and scope to transforming entire industries.

How Quadra can help

Big data and analytics involve both structured and unstructured data. Our established skills on data management and expertise on leading database technologies across platforms, together with our certified and skilled resource pool means that we are well poised to engage and deliver new opportunities through the use of analytics. We can extend existing analytics to provide more insights, create new perspectives, uncover new business opportunities and to reduce IT costs. Our strong infrastructure services background means that we have expertise in tools and solutions across the information life cycle, while ensuring data security and privacy. Be it predictive or content analytics, decision management, content management or data warehousing, you can depend on us to architect a comprehensive analytics solution that makes the most of your data.

Our holistic approach enables you to discover and integrate relevant information, analyze patterns and predict outcomes. We can help you to get closer to your end consumer by personalizing services and products, foster market insight and intelligence and stay ahead of risks, industry and revenue model changes.

Virtualized Application Delivery

Business Challenge

A traditional area of IT complexity and angst has been managing the desktop OS and applications. Even with multiple deployment and management tools, this has always consumed a disproportionate amount of IT budget. Add to this the recent trend of BYOD, which has evoked mixed emotions within the enterprise. On one hand, it provides employees with a familiar interface, boosting productivity.

On the other, it throws several challenges such as data security, control and compliance at internal IT. The solution to these pains would be an on-demand application delivery solution that enables applications to be virtualized, centralized, managed in the datacenter and delivered as a service to users anywhere on any device. The traditional methodology of application deployment has many drawbacks, and is prone to management, security and performance issues. Today, along with desktop and application virtualization, technologies such as application accelerators, application firewalls, secure remote access, WAN optimization and performance monitoring are changing the landscape in terms of application delivery.

A recent Forrester study has recommended a two-fold approach to raise the bar for application delivery in tune with today's business demands:

  • Make application delivery a strategic priority
  • Designate key application delivery owners across IT, which has the simple goal of allowing any user, anywhere in the network to connect to any application with the best possible user experience and the right level of security
How Quadra can help

Our partnership with industry leaders in application delivery and virtualization places us in a position of strength to evaluate, assess and deploy the right application delivery solution for your organization.

We can help your organization break away from the shackles of a hard-coded application deployment approach to a flexible and reliable delivery mechanism that allows for quick and efficient roll out of new application architectures. Our services team will work to architect the most suitable delivery mechanism that bridges the gap between your applications, infrastructure and changing business requirements, and incorporate an abstraction layer that eliminates the need for incremental resources each time you roll out a new application.

Data Protection: physical, virtual and cloud

Business Challenge

When it comes to data protection, failure is not an option. Exploding data growth, coupled with increased regulatory compliance and risk mitigation needs from businesses has made data protection and availability one of the top priorities for IT in any organization. With the advent of big data and analytics coupled with ever reducing cost of storage, mind boggling amounts of information are being generated every day. To sift through this ocean of data, it is extremely critical that businesses assess the value of information in multiple tiers so as to prioritize their data protection needs.

Even the cloud, with it’s inherent reliability and availability is not fail safe. The focus today is not just on storing information in a reliable fashion, but also in a manner that ensures adherence to various regulations as well as the highest levels of security. The mass media has publicized several cases of data loss, showing that there are immense liabilities, both in terms of finance and reputation that can affect businesses large and small. Thus, information can be an organization's greatest asset, or it's greatest liability when things go wrong.

How Quadra can help

We can help you to assess, plan, design, implement and manage data protection mechanisms that span physical, virtual and cloud environments. We realize that one size does not fit all, and endeavor to deliver solutions and services that provide the optimum level of protection without compromising on functionality, usability and service level requirements. Our skilled services team will review and optimize your existing data protection strategies, and bring them in sync with your organization's needs in terms of RPO and RTO. We partner with the industry leaders in this domain to give our customers the power and flexibility of best of breed solutions.

We can help you build a comprehensive data protection plan that includes the following:

  • Build a continuity plan
  • Establish tiered visibility
  • Develop centralized control
  • Design automated recovery
  • Perform data recovery testing

We help you to establish daily operational and management procedures, as well as review of current policies and processes. Given today’s dynamic and fast evolving business scenarios, we are completely tuned into the latest and emerging solution areas to ensure that we are in sync with your changing business needs.

Consumerization of IT

Business Challenge

Powerful and omnipresent personal computing devices have not just altered the work-life balance, they have also shaken the foundations of enterprise IT, built on the premise of a standardized infrastructure with centralized control. Along with the cloud, the advent of personal devices has taken away much of internal IT’s rigorous control, and it is entirely possible to purchase and run business applications in the cloud without involving IT. It is not in the overall interests of the organization to ban such deployment, as they are frequently initiated by the most innovative and connected employees. Frequently, such adoption has improved business processes and connect with customers.

The numbers are overwhelming – globally, almost 40% of information workers use a personal application or cloud service to get their work done, according to Forrester. Thus, the right way forward would be to provide employees with the freedom to use personal devices, but within a non-restrictive framework that ensures that the organization’s information security and compliance policies are not compromised.

How Quadra can help

IT should view this trend as a requirement for getting work done, and not as a preference. The personal mobile applications being used by the workforce should not be dismissed or prohibited, as it goes against the interests of the business. Closing this large gap between internal IT’s attitude and employee behavior is a must to ensure alignment with business goals. Our infrastructure expertise can help you to formulate a policy that combines the best of both worlds, ensuring end user productivity without sacrificing control and compliance needs. Developing secure mobile interfaces for enterprise applications is obviously a key strategy. However, the infrastructure and management is equally important.

We can help you to:

  • Build a risk mitigation framework.
  • Adopt technologies such as cloud, virtualized application delivery, virtualized desktops
  • Deploy comprehensive device management solutions
  • Setup application use and network traffic monitoring solutions
  • Use integrated network encryption instead of VPNs

Thus, we can work with internal IT to ensure that the mobile workforce is more productive, yet function within organizational control and compliance policies.