Today, information technology is moving away from being a cost center to a strategic asset that is deeply tied to business strategies. We provide our customers with software solutions that incorporate best-of-breed technologies and industry best practices, honed over years of experience working with all sizes of customers. Our core competency lies in enabling organizations to realize the full potential of their IT investments by building business value into technology solutions, and helping them make the critical connect between IT investments and business outcomes.

With more than a decade of experience in building and delivering technology solutions for mid-sized and large businesses, Quadra has been recognized at global and national levels by some of the world’s largest software companies.

  • The first and only partner from India to have been recognized by Microsoft with the Worldwide Partner of the Year Award for Technology Innovation, not just once, but for thirteen successive years, from 2004 to 2016.
  • Successive national Partner of the Year awards from Oracle, the world’s No. 1 business
    software maker.
  • Accolades and more awards from other industry leaders such as IBM, Adobe, Symantec and leading IT publications.

These recognitions at the highest level stand testimony to our ability to understand the unique needs of businesses and deliver to them, tailor made solutions that fuel the next level of growth.

Core Values

By connecting technology to business benefits, we aim to provide an exceptional customer experience, where businesses are able to realize their aspirations for growth, profitability and recognition. At the heart of our customer centric approach is our focus on ensuring that we are completely in tune with the unique needs and demands of the business we are serving.

There are certain things that we take very seriously at Quadra: these are fundamental to every aspect of our business, right down to our daily interactions with our customers and partners. These core values have defined the way we have built and grown our organization over the past few years:
  • Building business value into technology solutions
  • Being a trusted advisor and preferred partner to our customers
  • Adopting the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all that we do
Leading with the Cloud

Quadra has not just been an early proponent, but also an adopter of the cloud – all our internal systems, including messaging, collaboration, portals as well as sales process and CRM run on the cloud. Most of our test and development environment is also on the cloud today. We believe in leading by example, and combined with our rich experience in infrastructure consulting, we have been able to provide our customers with thought leadership and hands on experience in tackling cloud adoption scenarios. Our early efforts have come in for recognition by industry leaders such as Microsoft.

  • India’s first Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner
  • Worldwide recognition and awards for cloud technology skills
  • Worldwide Partner of the Year 2012 - Office 365
  • Worldwide Partner of the Year 2014 - Messaging
  • Worldwide Partner of the Year 2014 - Cloud - Enterprise Customers
  • Worldwide Partner of the Year 2014 - Cloud - SMB

We continue to build on our rich experience with several leading edge deployments, across large enterprises to small and medium sized businesses, resulting in a rapidly growing pool of resources and skill sets available to our customers.

Delivering a Rich Customer Experience
Our entire organization is structured with one objective in mind: Customer Delight. To this end, our different business divisions are structured around distinct customer needs. Rather than being set in stone, our business divisions evolve with changing customer needs and emerging technologies.
Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

Over the years, Microsoft WPC has seen many changes in cities. But one constant. Quadra winning awards, every year.

Insights into a decade+ winning streak
  • The first to reach the milestone of 25 Microsoft Worldwide awards.
  • The unique honour of being recognized at WPC every year since its inception.
  • Multiple case studies profiling our success at WPC.
  • The first worldwide case study on an individual for outstanding solution selling capabilities.
  • The first partner from India to be recognized by Microsoft at a global level in 2004.

Technology Neutral. Vendor Agnostic.

Competitive advantage today does not arise from the mere adoption of the new ubiquitous information technology. It arises from how organizations leverage it to drive business outcomes. We recognize the fact that technology decisions should be driven only by business needs.
To ensure that we put your business priorities first, we embrace two principles in all our customer engagements:
  • Being Technology Neutral
  • Delivering Vendor Agnostic solutions